Field Personnel

“And the king will answer them, ‘Truly I tell you, just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.’” Matthew 25:40

Since it’s beginning, Winter Park Baptist has been honored to commission members who have sensed God’s called to serve in ministry.  These Field Personnel receive support, prayer, and volunteer assistance from Winter Park.  However, as a church we receive so much more through their commitment to our congregation and their mentoring as we seek to learn more about Jesus and join God’s work in the world, together.

Jay and Cokie Westfall – Bangalore, India

Jay and Cokie Westfall, long time members of Winter Park Baptist, have been serving in Bangalore, India since 2007. Their service is centered on facilitating medical care to those marginalized from society, health advocacy for children homes, and conduction of health education/medical camps. The overall purpose being to encourage preventative health and wellness such that the persons they serve become their own best advocates for a healthy life.

In 2013, they co-founded an Indian NGO (Non-Government Organization), the Kshema Foundation, which continues the purposes of their original medical outreach as well as partnering with other Indian NGO’S and Indian government sponsored programs.

Tiga Hope Changes Everything

Silain “Tiga” Wildophe – Grand Goave, Haiti

Following the earthquake in Haiti in 2010, our mission teams met Tiga and knew right away that God has something big in store.  Tiga lives in Grand Goave, Haiti with hiw wife Farah and son “Tbridge”, as a missionary with Hope Changes Everything (HCE). HCE provides children an opportunity to attend school through sponsorships.  Most of the founding board members of Hope Changes Everything attend Winter Park Baptist.  Hope Changes Everything has provided an opportunity for more than 200 children to attend school and experience hope that will change Haiti.
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Cecelia Beck – Shelby, NC

In 2005 Cecelia Beck became a Cooperative Baptist Fellowship field personnel in Shelby, N.C., committed to ministry through relationship and living in the neighborhood in which she serves. Since moving to the neighborhood, Beck has established herself as a presence in the lives of children, youth and adults, aiming to build relationships and develop trust with her neighbors and serve as an advocate and maternal figure for local children and youth. Being a stable, reliable presence is essential in offering the hope of Christ to her neighbors.  She leads multiple ministries in and around her neighborhood in the areas of education, leadership, spirituality, and life transformation.

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ceclia beck-bw

Kevin and Faydra Stratton – Fort Pierce, Florida

In 2010, Kevin and Faydra Stratton joined Missionary Flights International. Kevin is a DC-3 pilot for MFI and provides much needed transportation for missionaries and their supplies all across the Caribbean with a focus on Haiti. He has flown missions in Africa several times and continues to find ways support others in ministry by utilizing his gifts and passion for missionary aviation. He also helps to create and edit all of MFI’s media and publications. Faydra is a free-lance writer while staying at home to care for their three boys, Kaden, Blue, and Toby.
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Laura Bullock – Wilmington, NC

Laura Bullock serves as a missionary with Vigilant Hope in Wilmington, NC.  Vigilant Hope is a local ministry that equips the church to love our neighbors who live in poverty through urban outreach, relief ministry and educational programs.  Laura focuses on coordinating volunteers for Vigilant Hope and demonstrating love to friends all across Wilmington. She has a big heart for our homeless friends, and is cherished at Vigilant Hope as well as Winter Park Baptist.
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Laura Bullock Vigilant Hope Wilmington NC