9/17/18 Update

9/17/18 Update

Storm and Services Update


WPBC had food. FBC Wilmington has a kitchen. Vigilant Hope has a means of distribution. Three families of faith coming together to feed hungry friends downtown after Florence.

IMPORTANT Recovery Effort Updates are below
See https://goo.gl/J8exGD for ongoing updates.

Dear Friends and Members of Winter Park Baptist Church- 

The church has been receiving calls asking how we are responding to the needs in our community.  We take our lead from Acts 1:8 when the Holy Spirit came upon the early church, ” You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”  During this season of recovery, we are encouraging people to follow this model of care.  If there is someone near you who needs help, help them.  Once your neighbors are cared for then move to the next street, next neighborhood, or help someone else you know who is in need.

Wilmington is strong and resilient.  Together . . . we will recover!

Our staff has been calling every member in our records and are addressing needs as they are known.  Please let us know if you have a need.  We will share your need with those who want to help.  Use the link below to let us know of your need.  If you do not have internet, please call the church at 910-791-4725.

LINK FOR NEEDS: https://goo.gl/yj4gRW

If you are able to help with people in need, please let is know that too.  This is for volunteer services only- not for business leads.

I AM ABLE TO VOLUNTEER: https://goo.gl/j63imn

The WPBC staff is diligently coordinating efforts with leaders in the city, state, other religious groups, as well as relief organizations to address needs in an orderly, large-scale effort.

We will send 2 daily emails (morning and afternoon) with updates on needs in our community and ways you can help.

How Have You Seen God Moving?

Together…as we work to recover from the storm, let’s share the many ways we have seen God at work.  Take a moment to share how you have seen God moving using the link below:

SHARE YOUR STORY: https://goo.gl/VRNWtv

The WPBC Staff