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Sharing Sacred Space

We understand that, in addition to being together, one of the things many of us are missing right now is physically being in Winter Park's sanctuary. If that’s true for you, then we invite you to sign up for a time of “Sharing Sacred Space,” where you can come into the sanctuary on a weekday morning or afternoon and sit in the light of the stained glass windows while Clif plays the piano, or Mark strums the guitar, and Paul reads Scripture and invites us to have a brief but meaningful time of devotion together.

This exciting opportunity will occur Monday, July 27 - Thursday, July 30, and will take place in shifts. There will be three shifts on Monday and Wednesday morning, and three shifts on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons; each will last about twenty minutes, allowing plenty of time for cleaning between them.

Because we want to abide by the current NC safety guidelines, which permit no more than 10 people in one space for a public gathering, each shift will have slots for eight participants, and you will need to sign up for your space ahead of time by calling Serena in the church office. Participants not in the same family will be seated at least six feet apart, and we do ask that everyone wear masks. Parking will be in the Wrightsville Avenue lots, and we ask that participants enter through the front sanctuary doors (the ones closest to the street).

We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to “Share Sacred Space” with us! Just call Serena (910.791.4725) to claim your spot in one of the following shifts:

Monday, July 27 - 9:00am; 10:15am; 11:30am
Tuesday, July 28 - 1:00pm; 2:15pm; 3:30pm
Wednesday, July 29 - 9:00am; 10:15am; 11:30am
Thursday, July 30 - 1:00pm; 2:15pm; 3:30pm
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