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Worship Service Registration

We're so grateful for your patience, kindness, and support of one another through the past few months, as it's affirmed the truth that we exist as the Body of Christ no matter where we are, whether gathered as few or many, whether on a weekday or weekend. And speaking of weekends, we'd like to share a little more info about our Sunday ReGathering Plans ;-)

With the approval of Church Council and the guidance of local health professionals, we're excited to announce our "Sunday ReGathering Stages." We can't wait to gather with you once again, and we're on track to do so soon! Our soft opening this past Sunday (Stage 2) went very well, and we're hopeful that we may soon be able to progress to Stage 3 of ReGathering. Go ahead, we'll wait while you let out a little squeal of excitement :-) Stay tuned for more info!
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