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Changes for Sunday, Jan. 24 - Online Worship Only

On Tuesday of this week, we learned that some of our regular worship leaders at Winter Park have tested positive for COVID-19, and fortunately they are asymptomatic and doing well. One of them was present this past Sunday (this person was not yet aware they carried the virus), though they were wearing a mask and socially distanced while in the building, minimizing risk of transmission. However, those who tested positive were in close proximity to others in the congregation last week during rehearsals and various other meetings, so the complete level of potential exposure is still unknown.

Considering these facts, Church Council has elected for Winter Park to worship together ONLINE ONLY this coming Sunday, January 24 (there will be no in-person services). This small step enables us to care for one another by allowing the recommended incubation period to pass before we re-gather, mitigating any potential spread of the virus among our congregation.

The ONLINE ONLY worship services will be live-streamed remotely this Sunday at 8:30am and 10:30am on Facebook, YouTube, our Website, and the Winter Park App. Our pastors will be remotely participating in the service from their homes, so be sure to tune in and worship with us!

Additionally, the Winter Park Office will be operating at limited capacity this week due to the aforementioned circumstances. In lieu of visiting the office, we ask that you please conduct any business with the office via email or telephone, and if it is necessary to visit in person, please ring the door bell and a staff member will assist you outside.
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