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Hope Changes Everything Event

Hope Changes Everything's annual fall food-packing event will be held at Masonboro Baptist Church on November 19, 2022, at 9:00 AM.

Meals will be packed for the children of Grand Goave, Haiti. The people of WPBC have always been faithful and generous, and HCE is counting on you again this year. First, we need you to help by giving your financial gifts, and secondly, we need your presence at Masonboro Baptist Church to help us pack the food.

Contributions can be made to Hope Changes Everything, PO Box 1011 Wilmington, NC 28402.  

OR Online at:

The people of Haiti are suffering greatly at this time. Their tragic living conditions include rampant gang-led violent crimes, political unrest, food scarcity, a lack of potable water, and a recent outbreak of cholera . Thank you in advance for supporting this effort. Blessings, Renee Hunter
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