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On Behalf of the Deacons

On Behalf of the Deacons

Dear Winter Park Family, 

Our church has numerous balls in the air, as it should be with a vibrant and healthy congregation. In fact, to prevent me from dropping a ball, I have composed a list of ongoing projects on my office dry erase board. A glance up from my computer screen reminds me afresh of all that we have underway. Just yesterday, I added a new item to the list – an item that, on behalf of our deacons, I want to bring to your attention.

As you may know, our deacons desire to revive our benevolence outreach to church members facing financial challenges. Thus, at the urging of our deacon body, on July 30 our church returned to the practice of receiving a fifth Sunday benevolence offering. Our people, not surprisingly, were generous. As it stands now, we have $4834.90 in this account. To be clear, this is not budgeted money. This is a designated account. Our church also has a budgeted benevolence account that is used for local missions. This designated, non-budget benevolence account is used then to assist church members – our community – with financial needs. 

Our deacons are thrilled with the excellent (re)start to this ministry. Please mark your calendars now. The next fifth Sunday benevolence offering is scheduled for Sunday, October 29. However, there is no need to wait until then. Do feel free to give to this designated benevolence account anytime you feel so led. Just make sure you communicate that your gift is to be applied to the designated benevolence account. 

As for now, we simply want you to know that there is assistance available. If you or someone you know, from our church, is struggling a bit to make ends meet, please do reach out to Jamie Craig, our lead deacon and let her know of the situation. You can reach Jamie at 910-617-2910 or Strict confidentiality will be maintained. Of course, you are always free to speak with staff ministers about these issues. And we can then forward the need to Jamie. However, Acts 6:1-6 serves as precedent for how to attend to the physical needs of our congregation. Do you remember this text from several weeks back? Some of the widows were overlooked in the daily distribution of charity – perhaps food. To solve this problem, the apostles directed the congregation to select seven men to tend to this need. By delegating this need to others, the apostles were free to focus on preaching and teaching.

If Jamie, and future lead deacons, become the point of contact as well as administrators of this ministry, your staff ministers will have more time to devote to their respective roles within our church. Of course, the deacons can solicit the counsel of staff ministers if needed. However, the bulk of the responsibility for administering our designated benevolence funds falls to our church deacons. 

Thank you, Winter Park Baptist Church, for your generosity. Now, on behalf of our deacons, I ask for your assistance as we put your generosity into action. 

In Christ, 

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