A Wedding for the Ages

A Wedding for the Ages

Congrats to the happy couple, Ann Thompson and Jim Van Hook (or maybe it was Lance?)! 👰🤵🕺 Don’t ever let anyone tell you that the keenagers don’t have fun 😁

What’s a wedding without a shower? And of course you have to register for fine china.

Time for the procession!

The Groom to be!

The Bride to be!

Here comes the ring bearer, Buck Potter!

Looking sharp!

The flower girl, Carol Rocha!

The…ummmm… Candy girl, Allison Lairmore!

Ready for the bride!

Don’t forget the entertainment!

Here comes the bride!

“Uh oh, what am I getting into…” – Jim

The happy couple!

Wait, what do you mean I have to remember your doctor appointments, too?

Does anyone object to this union?

“I object to this union!” – Lance Rogerson

“What IS all this, dear? Who’s this Lance fellow?”

“Ann, will you be mine?” – Lance

Well, it looks like we know who Ann chose!

“Well, if Ann’s out, I’ll gladly take her place!” – Carol Rocha

The wonderful, beautiful wedding party 😀