Steeple Vote this Sunday

Steeple Vote this Sunday

This Sunday, November 17 at 9:45am in the Community Center, a called church conference will take place in which Winter Park members will vote on the recommendation set forth by the Properties and Grounds Committee regarding the steeple. The committee chair persons will reiterate the recommendation of the committee, though this will NOT be a discussion and/or question taking time. Small groups WILL meet per usual following the vote.

So that you may best prepare your heart and mind for the vote, we are restating the exact recommendation below so that you may understand precisely on what you are voting. Additionally, we are including links to the reasoning behind said recommendation, as well as a link to the church-wide discussion session two weeks ago so that you may revisit some of the questions posed during the discussion.

Recommendation from the Properties and Grounds Committee:

“Over the course of the past year, the Properties and Grounds Committee has undertaken an exhaustive examination of the condition of the present steeple and likely costs for several options to either renovate or replace it. As a result, the following conclusions have been made:

1) The steeple in its present state constitutes a financial liability to the congregation and a physical liability to the adjacent buildings. As long as it remains in place, significant resources of time and money will be required to limit its ongoing deterioration.

2) Renovating the steeple on its existing steel framing is the most expensive option to undertake at the present, as well as to maintain in the future. Due to its fixed nature and height, if we renovate now, as we anticipate major maintenance expenditures would be required in as little as twenty years and would escalate thereafter.

Therefore, by unanimous vote on October 17, 2019, the Properties and Grounds Committee recommends that the steeple be removed down to the brick tower and a transitional, low slope, hip roof be erected in its place. The transitional roof will remain until such time as a congregational study can be completed to identify a suitable replacement or substitute that would not impose an undue burden on this or future generations of the church.”

Video of Steve Rosser and Kenny Johnson (committee Chairs) discussing the thought behind the recommendation:

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Video of Steeple Recommendation & Discussion Session:

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Time Stamps for above Discussion Session:

04:15 – Recommendation of the Committee
11:42 – Reflection Time in Groups
15:20 – Question Answering