The Forecast for Wednesday & Sunday

The Forecast for Wednesday & Sunday

Late Monday, we received the hygienist’s report on the air quality in our church, and it wasn’t as positive as we hoped it would be.  Unfortunately, only 1/3 of our building is considered safe for normal use, and as a result, we won’t be able to have LifeU classes on Wednesday as originally planned.  In regards to Sunday, we will be having two services (8:30 and 11:00, both in the sanctuary), but NO small groups, as many classrooms are still unsafe.  Obviously, this is a bit of a bummer, as we were hoping to get closer to normal this week!

However, Florence is challenging us to find the silver linings in her clouds, so we’re framing this not as a setback, but an opportunity.  In fact, this presents us with two chances to share community with each other in ways we might not under “normal” circumstances.

Opportunity #1 – Come and sing in Christmas choir!  Fortunately, the choir room is part of the usable space, and the staff has received confirmation that it is safe for choir rehearsal.  Now, you might be thinking, “I don’t sing.  No way.”  Well, why not?!  Christmas choir is a “temporary” choir that meets until December, and you don’t have to be Adele to join.  So, while things are a little different around here, why not do something a little different and experience Winter Park community in a unique way as we prepare to bless our Wilmington community with the Christmas program in December.  The rehearsal on Wednesday night will be at 7 p.m. in the Choir Room.  Please enter through the Preschool entrance in the back of the church.  The elevator and stairwell are both useable.

Opportunity #2 – Enjoy Winter Park community outside the church walls!  Since we can’t meet at church on Wednesday and share a meal together, we challenge you to share a meal with a Winter Park neighbor somewhere else this week.  Maybe you go with your Sunday school class to K&W.  Maybe you invite a new family over for a cookout, or take a friend from small group to lunch.  Maybe you show up at Mike Womble’s at dinnertime, unannounced, and raid his refrigerator.  However you do it, find a Winter Park neighbor to break bread with and share it on facebook—be sure to TAG Winter Park Baptist Church so we can see who’s getting together!

We hope you’ll take advantage of these opportunities to experience community at Winter Park in unique ways during this unique time, and we will keep you posted as our facility gets closer to being cleared for use.

– The Staff of Winter Park Baptist Church

PS- Don’t worry the church directory is still happening. However, taking pictures will be postponed until we get things back to normal. We will let everyone know once we figure out when pictures can resume.