Weekly Announcements

Updated: June 26, 2020

For more information about the following events, please contact the Winter Park office at 910-791-4725

COVID Update – As of  Friday, June 26

Due to the ongoing health crisis and continued rise of COVID-19 cases in our area and in our state, church leaders have affirmed the decision to continue worshipping exclusively online for at least the next three Sundays (June 28, July 5, and July 12). This decision has been heavily informed by the advice of medical professionals in our church, as well as that of state leaders and health experts. As we have throughout this crisis, we will regularly reassess when we can safely continue our in-person worship services. The delay is discouraging, of course, but necessary, we believe, in order best to steward the spiritual and physical health of those who call Winter Park “home.” Thank you for your continued prayers, patience, and support; even in this strange season, you demonstrate the graciousness of God in new and encouraging ways.

A Challenging Day – From Wednesday, June 24

Has it been one of those weeks? Maybe you just had a hard day? Well, we all have them, and Allison shared with us this week about how both she and God responded to one of “those days.” Click here to watch the Life U Live Episode.

Lectio Divina – Weekly Opportunity

Each week during our study of Philippians, we’ll release a new Lectio Divina episode with the scripture reading for the upcoming Sunday. We encourage each of you to set aside a few minutes to listen and reflect upon the Scripture before Sunday, preparing your hearts and minds for worship. You can find each Lectio Divina episode in the Winter Park App, as well as linked on our website and Facebook page. Click here to listen to this week’s episode online or download the Winter Park App and listen anywhere, anytime.

Mission Trip Alternative – Port City Project – July 20-24

Since all summer mission trips have been cancelled this year, we are partnering with Vigilant Hope to serve locally in Wilmington through Port City Project. Our team will be serving meals to neighbors (prepackaged), working in local gardens that supply food banks, and learning ways that we can serve our city more effectively. The cost is $50, which covers the cost of Vigilant Hope interns and staff, as well as provides comfy accommodations in your very own bed. To sign up, please contact Mike Womble (mike@winterparkbaptist.org or 910-420-9005).

T-Shirt Pickup Day – To be announced.

Our new “Together…” t-shirts and tanks have been ordered and will be arriving soon! We’ll keep you posted as to a pick-up date and details once they arrive.

Small Group Assistance – Ongoing Opportunity

Does your small group need help with digital gatherings? Zoom and Facebook got your head spinning? Or perhaps you’re looking for a creative and safe way to gather outside? If so, or if your small groups needs any assistance navigating our current circumstances, please contact Mike Womble via email or phone (mike@winterparkbaptist.org and 910-420-9005).


Weekly Opportunities – Week of June 28

Worship and connect with us throughout the week! We’ve created a few virtual opportunities we thought you might enjoy:
  • Sunday
    • 10:30am – Worship Live Stream
  • Monday
    • 7:30am – Morning Devotion with Mike Womble
  • Tuesday
    • 6:00pm – New Lectio Divina Episode
    • 7:00pm – Sunday Worship Service Television Broadcast
  • Wednesday
    • 9:30am – Sunday Worship Service Television Broadcast
    • 5:00pm – Online Youth Hangout & Lesson
    • 5:30pm – Preschool Bible Lesson
    • 5:45pm – Elementary Age Bible Lesson
    • 6:00pm – Life U Lesson
The above opportunities can be found on Winter Park’s Facebook page, website, and/or Wilmington Spectrum Cable (Channel 43 or 464 HD).

Budget Update – As of  June 26

Together…learning to follow Jesus, joining God’s work in the world. Pause now. Read that again – Together…learning to follow Jesus, joining God’s work in the world. At Winter Park, this three part mission statement applies to all aspects our lives, even financial stewardship. How, you ask?

Together – As members of the local Body of Christ, we share and pool our resources, resulting in a cumulative effect greater than we could achieve individually.

Learning to follow Jesus – Christ continually taught us that His way is not of this world, and that at times, may even be in direct conflict with our culture’s logic. Consequently, we must ask ourselves, “What does Jesus say regarding money?” and follow His teaching.

Joining God’s work in the world – God is at work among international mission organizations, local nonprofits, and even in your own backyard. As a local church gathering, we’ve strategically chosen to financially support a few such organizations, as they offer expertise and knowledge beyond our own abilities.

With those things in mind, we ask you to genuinely pray about how God is leading you to steward your financial resources. Maybe He’s leading you to give to Winter Park, maybe He’s calling you to sell everything you have and give the money to the poor (it wouldn’t be the first time he’s asked that). Either way, we encourage you to ask Him.

And if you made it this far, here are some numbers for you 🙂

YTD Receipts $625,575

YTD Expenses $698,455

YTD Deficit ($72,880)

If you would like to give online to Winter Park, please click here. You may also give via the Winter Park App or by mailing to/dropping off your check at the Winter Park office, Monday through Friday, 9am-1pm.