Weekly Announcements

Updated: March 27, 2020

For more information about the following events, please contact the Winter Park office at 910-791-4725

Sunday Worship – Live Stream
Sunday, March 29

Join us Sunday at 10:30am as we worship together online by visiting one of these links:

We’re looking forward to “gathering” with you this weekend, so be sure to drop us a line in the live chat on Sunday! Can’t wait to hear from you!
Weekday Opportunities
Week of March 29

While this unique season has created many challenges, it’s also created many opportunities. One such opportunity is the ability to connect virtually with the Church Body from our homes, helping us remember that we are still one Body no matter our physical location.

In light of that truth, we’ve created a few virtual opportunities for you this week:

  • Monday
    • 7:30am – Morning Devotion with Mike Womble (Facebook)
  • Wednesday
    • 5:00pm – Online Youth Hangout & Lesson (Contact Lance for access)
    • 5:30pm – Preschool Bible Lesson (Facebook)
    • 5:45pm – Elementary Age Bible Lesson (Facebook)
    • 6:00pm – Life U Lesson (Facebook)
  • Thursday
    • 7:00pm – The Gray Stage of Life Watch Party (Facebook)
And just in case you were unaware, you do NOT need a Facebook account to watch the above opportunities. You only need an account if you wish to participate in the chat, and we would certainly LOVE to hear from you in the chat 🙂 See you then!
Watch Party: The Gray Stage of Life
Thursday, April 2

A little over a year ago, we were treated to an incredible musical production by Clif Harris, Melody Bryan, Allan Nicosia, and Carolyn Creech; and now we’re overjoyed to announce an online encore performance!

Please join us on Winter Park’s Facebook Page this Thursday, April 2 at 7pm for a “Watch Party” in which we can all enjoy the comedic sketches and broadway musical numbers, chatting in real time about our favorite numbers and laughing at the cast’s jokes. Invite your friends, and we’ll “see” you then!

Where are the staff?
COVID-19 has affected all of our lives, and Winter Park is no exception. In order to protect the health of our staff and those with whom they interact, our staff may not always be present at the office during their typical office hours, but instead may be working remotely. Because of the technological systems in place (special thanks to Mike Womble!), all pastors will remain accessible by phone and email. If you need to speak with a pastor, please call the church office at 910.791.4725, and the call can be forwarded to the on-call pastor. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we learn to navigate the current circumstances and care for our community in new ways.
Youth Yard Sale
May 9
As you start your spring cleaning, please set aside items that you wish to donate to the Youth Yard Sale, which will be held on May 9 (circumstances permitting). However, please do NOT bring any items to Winter Park at this time. We will let you know once we are ready to receive items, as well as keep you updated on the status of the yard sale as the time nears.
Automatic Giving Option
Ongoing Opportunity
Did you know that you can set up RECURRING tithes through the Winter Park App or website? Through our secure giving platform, you can easily schedule a recurring weekly, monthly, every two weeks, or twice per month gift! It’s just takes a few clicks, so visit the Winter Park App today!


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