Weekly Announcements

For more information about the following events, please contact the Winter Park office at 910-791-4725

Bible Drill: Bible Drill begins Sunday, September 22! Children in grades 3-5 are invited to be part of a group of dedicated Bible-learners who meet each Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. in room #239. Jessie Rogers and Celeste Carpenter are the teachers.

Deacons Meeting:  There will be a Deacons meeting Sunday, September 22 at 12:15 p.m. in the CC conference room.

Lunch & Learn: Tuesday, 12:00 p.m., Allen Hall – Pork Loin

Wednesday Night Supper: Wednesday, 4:30 p.m., Allen Hall – Taco Salad

Worship Care For Preschoolers: Thank you for serving in Worship Care for Preschoolers next Sunday, September 29: Gina Bowen, Amber Rogerson, Amy Bennett, Melanie Pound, Prasanna Ambati, and Tammy Pruden.

Music Opportunities: There are lots of music opportunities for all ages.  Come and join us!  Children’s Handbells – Grades 3-5 (Wed. at 5:30 p.m.), Youth Handbells (Sun. at 5 p.m.), Youth Choir (Sun. at 5:40 p.m.) Adult Handbells – College and up (Wed. at 6 p.m.), Adult Christmas Choir – High School and up (Wed. at 7 p.m. beginning Sept. 18), Adult Choir (Wed. at 7 p.m.) Youth Praise Team (See Phillip Drew), Adult Praise Team (see Brad Kornegay).

Scrapbooking: We invite scrapbookers, card makers and crafters to attend a time of fun and fellowship while making memories with your photos and crafts.  Bring your own projects to work on such as scrapbooking, cards, or any crafts. We begin at 9:00 a.m. and end by 5:00 p.m.  We appreciate a donation of $10 to include working space and light lunch. You are welcome to bring a snack to share. September 28, October 19, November 30, and December 7. Please RSVP the church office if you would like to attend.

Urban Intensive by Vigilant Hope-a 4 Week Course: What is poverty? What does the Bible teach about poverty? What does it mean for me? September 25, October 2 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. To sign up to learn more visit www.vigilanthope.com/educational-events.

Camp Kirkwood: Registration for Fall Retreat at Camp Kirkwood begins now! All children in grades 3-5 are invited to be part of this annual adventure. October 18-20 are the dates.  Cost is $100.00 per camper with payment options available. Registration forms are located outside Allison’s office.

Fall Festival: Fall Festival is Sunday, November 3, from 3:00-5:00 p.m.  Get ready for fun for all ages: Cake Walk, Sack Races, Hayride, Carnival Foods, and a whole lot more!  Invite your friends!  All are welcome!

Celebrate a new baby! We welcome Emerson Nicole Bailey to our church family!  Emerson was born on September 11, 2019.  Her parents are Erica and Ryan. Parker is Emerson’s big brother.

Exciting News! An additional Sunday School class for preschoolers has been created to meet the needs of our Toddlers and Twos.  God has blessed us with an abundance of children and that means that God is blessing us with additional teachers!  Maybe one of them is you!  Contact Allison Lairmore (allison@winterparkbaptist.org) if you’d like to find out more!

Price Change: After discussion and consideration it has been decided by Fiscal Affairs and Church Council to increase the price of Wednesday Night Suppers and Lunch and Learn meals to $5.00 a meal or $15.00 per family. Thanks for your understanding the necessity of this decision.

Gibson Ave Food Pantry: Needs: Corn Muffin Mix, Pancake Mix, Rice, Sugar, Syrup for Pancakes. Any kind of food that has a good shelf life. Thanks for helping feed the hungry in our neighborhood.

Israel Trip: Would you like to go to the Holy Land? With Dr. Tony Cartledge (a.k.a. “Mr. Rogers”)? AND friends from Winter Park?! Dr. Cartledge and his colleagues at Nurturing Faith Publishing are organizing a trip to Israel May 19-29  2020, and they’re inviting some of their favorite churches to join them! If you would be interested in participating in this fun, educational, and spiritually enriching opportunity, please see Paul for more information. We’d love for some of our Winter Park family to take part in this experience!