Weekly Announcements

For more information about the following events, please contact the Winter Park office at 910-791-4725

Vigilant Hope Food Drive – Saturday, July 11

On Saturday, July 11 from 8am-10am, Vigilant Hope will host a convenient, drive-thru, no-contact food drive at 1626 Lake Branch Drive. If you would like to contribute, please see the list of most-needed items below:

  • Fruit cups, granola bars, single-serve cereal, tuna packets, beef jerky, to-go peanut butter cups, microwavable spaghetti or ravioli cups with meat, instant oatmeal packets, applesauce pouches, microwavable veggie cups, toothpaste, body wash, bottled water, halo oranges, bananas, new men’s and women’s underwear, masks, sunscreen, bug spray, tents, and sleeping bags (nonperishable food, fresh produce and plastic grocery bags also welcome)

If you have questions or need additional info, please contact Jamie Craig at 910.617.2910.

Tailgating Together – Sunday, July 19

Save the date! At 6:00 pm on July 19, Winter Park will host “Tailgating Together,” a special outdoor event in our Park Avenue parking lot. Stay tuned, more details to come!

Family Promise – Hurricane Kits – Ongoing Opportunity

Family Promise of the Lower Cape Fear is gathering Hurricane Kits for families they are assisting.  If you are able to gather the following supplies, you can either bring them to the church office or someone will be glad to pick them up at your home. Supplies include: flashlights, batteries, small portable chargers, gallon and sandwich baggies, hand sanitizer, and even peanut butter and jelly.

Budget Update – As of  July 10

As we continue to navigate our “new normal,” we want to keep you up to date on as much as possible, including budgetary matters. Below you will find the latest figures from June 26 regarding Winter Park’s annual budget:

YTD Receipts $677,862

YTD Expenses $750,325

YTD Deficit ($72,463)

If you wish to give, you may do so on our website, via the Winter Park App, or by dropping a check off at the Winter Park Office.

Steeple Update – As of  Friday, July 10

We are excited to move forward in creating and installing the transitional roof for our steeple. Construction began July 4 weekend, and should take about a month to complete. Once it’s done, we’ll watch for a window of rainless weather so the crane can come, dismount the damaged steeple, and install our transitional replacement, all in a couple of days.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep the congregation posted once we know the exact date the steeple is coming down; that’s an event we want to mark and remember together. Also, once the steeple is removed, members will have an opportunity to take pieces of it in order to repurpose them and create new works of art from the beautiful structure that has watched over our church for over six decades. The reason we are able to get to work right now is because of a generous anonymous gift by a kind soul convicted by this project’s importance. However, the gift won’t cover all of the expenses of steeple removal, and thus it is also given as a challenge to spur the congregation into giving, as well! We will need close to $75,000 to pay for the project entirely, and we invite you to join us as we pray and sacrifice together to complete this important step in our “steeple journey.” Donations can be made online, through the Winter Park App, or via check or cash to Russell.

Lectio Divina – Weekly Opportunity

Each week during our study of Philippians, we’ll release a new Lectio Divina episode with the scripture reading for the upcoming Sunday. We encourage each of you to set aside a few minutes to listen and reflect upon the Scripture before Sunday, preparing your hearts and minds for worship. You can find each Lectio Divina episode in the Winter Park App, as well as linked on our website and Facebook page. Click here to listen to this week’s episode online or download the Winter Park App and listen anywhere, anytime.

Weekly Opportunities – Week of July 12

Worship and connect with us throughout the week! We’ve created a few virtual opportunities we thought you might enjoy:
  • Sunday
    • 10:30am – Worship Live Stream
  • Monday
    • 7:30am – Morning Devotion with Mike Womble
  • Tuesday
    • 6:00pm – New Lectio Divina Episode
    • 7:00pm – Sunday Worship Service Television Broadcast
  • Wednesday
    • 9:30am – Sunday Worship Service Television Broadcast
    • 5:00pm – Online Youth Hangout & Lesson
    • 5:30pm – Preschool Bible Lesson
    • 5:45pm – Elementary Age Bible Lesson
    • 6:00pm – Life U Lesson
The above opportunities can be found on Winter Park’s Facebook page, website, and/or Wilmington Spectrum Cable (Channel 43 or 464 HD).