Work Day March 16

water damage in church

Work Day March 16

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Volunteer Tasks for 3-16-19

1) Paint Ceiling and Walls in Steeple Vestibule
2) Hang Light Fixtures in Steeple Vestibule and Sanctuary Entry
3) Hang Sheetrock in Ceiling of A/V Room
4) Treat Sidewalks with Wet-N-Forget
5) Remove Kitchen Vents from CC Roof and Repair Rotted Roof Sheathing Beneath
6) Foam Perimeter of Pre-School Attic Ceiling on East, South and West Walls
7) Install Ceiling Tiles in 3 Youth Classrooms in CC
8) Install Ceiling Tiles in Cliff’s Classroom
9) Install Ceiling Tiles in East end of Pre-School Second Floor

The roof is not steep and the work is not close to the edge but those who volunteer for that task must be able to climb a ladder and be comfortable with heights. We will need one or two on the ground at times for cutting and support.

Sign up for a specific task so we can plan ahead.

Tools to Bring:

  • Cordless drills for sheetrock hanging
  • Basic carpentry tools for CC roof work and ceiling tile replacement.
  • 6’ stepladders for ceiling tile work.
  • Shop vacs
  • Long pants and sturdy shoes for roof work.